2019-10-14 software carpentry at Karolinska Institutet: Testing Setup

This directory contains scripts for testing your machine to make sure you have the software you’ll need for your workshop installed. To use these scripts:

  1. Download swc-installation-test-1.py.

  2. Run it from the shell:

    $ python swc-installation-test-1.py
  3. Download swc-installation-test-2.py.

  4. Run it from the shell:

    $ python swc-installation-test-2.py git bash jupyter pandas matplotlib
    check Git (git)...			pass
    check Bourne Again Shell (bash)...	pass
    check Jupyter (jupyter)...		pass
    check Pandas (pandas)...		pass
    check Matplotlib (matplotlib)...	pass
    Git (git) 2.20.1
    Bourne Again Shell (bash) 4.4.23
    Jupyter (jupyter) unknown
    Pandas (pandas) 0.23.4
    Matplotlib (matplotlib) 3.0.2

    If you see something like:

    $ python swc-installation-test-2.py
    check Bourne Again Shell (bash)...  fail

    follow the suggestions to try and install any missing software. For additional troubleshooting information, you can use the --verbose option:

    $ python swc-installation-test-2.py bash --verbose
    check Bourne Again Shell (bash)...  fail
    System information
    os.name            : posix